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MC Makes Mess in Minnesota, Holbrook Resigns in Disgust

MC Makes Mess in Minnesota, Holbrook Resigns in Disgust
By Gold Wedge Group • Issue #4 • View online
The Mises PAC brought in a brigade of people to vote in lockstep at state convention, denying long time party members and activists leadership and delegate roles and chose not to run a candidate for Governor, which is a ballot access race for the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.
Long-time Chair, Chris Holbrook resigned from his position in response to the actions taken by the takeover group. It remains uncertain whether the Libertarian Party of Minnesota will lose ballot access due to the antagonism and incompetence of the takeover group.
Activists around the country are organizing together to continue recruiting and running Libertarian candidates in spite of the destructive behavior of the Mises PAC.

Organizing Libertarian Political Action Nationwide - Nicholas Sarwark
Libertarian Defense Fund
This letter went out to 4,000 Libertarians this week. Our goal is to notify every single Libertarian in the USA (all 693,634 registered Libertarian voters) that our Party is being hijacked by alt-right saboteurs.
Ludwig von Mises on Immigration and Globalism
Nevadans may have one fewer political party on ballots in 2024 - The Nevada Independent
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