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Marshall Burt & Larry Sharpe Cancel Convention Speeches, Tom Woods Keeps Speaking Slot

Marshall Burt & Larry Sharpe Cancel Convention Speeches, Tom Woods Keeps Speaking Slot
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Wyoming State Representative Marshall Burt and New York Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Sharpe were both scheduled to speak at the Libertarian National Convention, to be held May 26-29 in Sparks, Nevada. Neither of them will be attending, both having backed out of their speaking commitments citing “scheduling issues.”
Founding member of the League of the South and prolific podcaster Tom Woods is still scheduled to speak at a ticketed breakfast event during the convention, even after it was made public that he began a romantic relationship with his ex-wife when she was 15 and he was 26.
The Libertarian Party has previously cancelled speaking invitations over homophobic insults and a speaker at the Libertarian Party of Texas convention had his invitation rescinded over questionable online comments about age of consent, so it came as no surprise when the Libertarian National Committee held a vote on whether to cancel Tom Woods’ breakfast event. After heavy lobbying by the Mises Caucus and concerns about financial impact, his speaking slot was kept and interested people can still buy a ticket to hear him over breakfast.
The antics of the Mises Caucus continue to sap the Libertarian Party’s financial strength, with the party having $1,720 in reserve at the end of March and currently taking out a $200,000 line of credit against party assets in order to keep operations going. In spite of these dire circumstances, the current board members combined have raised a total of $2,250 in the first quarter of 2022, less than a single FEC individual maximum donation of $2,900.

LNC Board fundraising is down significantly from previous years.
LNC Board fundraising is down significantly from previous years.
Mises PAC Pays LNC Candidate to Run
Libertarian in Two-Way Race for US House
The Democratic Party did not nominate a candidate for South Dakota’s single House of Representatives seat, so Libertarian Collin Duprel will be running in a two-way race against the Republican incumbent. Duprel, cattle rancher and Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of South Dakota, is organizing a campaign team now and has the potential to make an impact as the only opposition candidate.
SCOTUS Leak: Roe v. Wade to be Overruled
Nicholas Sarwark on Twitter: "If fusionism wasn't already dead, this would be enough to kill it. Bodily autonomy is fundamental to libertarianism and there is no way to enforce abortion prohibition without violating individual bodily autonomy. The @LPNational position is nuanced, but still pro-choice."
Portia Shepherd Featured on John Oliver
Libertarian candidate for Alabama State Senate in District 23, Portia Shepherd, was featured in Last Week Tonight’s episode on Environmental Racism. Ms. Shepherd has been an advocate for her community of Uniontown against dumping environmental waste from other states.
Environmental Racism: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Environmental Racism: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
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