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Colorado Convention Kicks Back $6K to “Comic” Podcaster, Chooses Candidates


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Colorado Convention Kicks Back $6K to “Comic” Podcaster, Chooses Candidates
By Gold Wedge Group • Issue #3 • View online
The Libertarian Party of Colorado‘s Mises Caucus controlled state board chose to spend $6,000 to have Dave Smith give the keynote address at their recent state convention. In it, he signals a shift in rhetoric to one of reconciliation after the takeover is complete in Reno.
Will anyone who witnessed the tactics that have been deployed take them up on the offer, or will it be seen as empty talk as long as supporters are bragging about running activists and donors out of the party through organized harassment campaigns?
Early reports from Colorado indicate that the candidates who were nominated to run for public office are going to organize this election cycle separate from a state party board that is more interested in online culture wars and internal party politics. There is discussion of political action committees and other networks that will focus on coordinating libertarian support for electoral politics.
As more state party boards are taken over by people who lack the experience or temperament for the administrative work of keeping a political party operating within the bounds of the law, expect to see more separate and parallel groups spring up that recruit and run candidates, routing around the damage caused by social media trolling and extremist messaging.

Dave Smith Keynote Speech - 2022 Libertarian Party of Colorado State Convention - March 12, 2022
Dave Smith Keynote Speech - 2022 Libertarian Party of Colorado State Convention - March 12, 2022
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